Simply Bhutan

Visit ‘Simply Bhutan’ – A Village in the City

‘Simply Bhutan’ is a living muesum set in the heart of Bhutan’s thriving capital, Thmiphu. Inaugurated in late August 2012, it is a depiction of Bhutan’s ancient cultural heritage and the living ways of Bhutanese people in olden days.

Simply Bhutan has an altar, a Zhabdrung museum, photo studio where visitors can be photographed in the traditional attire of the Merak and Sakteng region, and a traditional Bhutanese kitchen with a cooking stove made of mud and stone. Demonstration stalls of textiles and handmade products and cafe offering butter tea Suja, snacks and a souvenir shop are among others.

Besides being a living museum that depicts Bhutan’s ancient cultural heritage, Simply Bhutan will also serve its purpose of providing employment to the youth. Youth will gain skills on basic business and customer care through their own experience in the museum. Bhutan Youth Development Fund constructed Simply Bhutan with materials from traditional houses in the country.