Youth Summer  Program:

A seven-day residential program, students will have the opportunity to explore the unique heritage of the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, known for its Gross National Happiness philosophy, through the eyes of Bhutanese peers. The program will have three thematic areas: Mindfulness, Cultural Immersion, and Social Engagement.  This special Summer Program is hosted exclusively by Bhutan Travel Bureau (BTB).

It will be one of the defining experience for the participating youth.  A break form the modern world to live on campus, learn about happiness, wellness and being a global citizen in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. A leading country on alternate approach to development as well as happiness.


Family Trips: This is a perfect option for families when kids and parents with different agendas.  Each can do something different during part of the visit and enjoy a few days together as well.  The youth can get to know Bhutan in a fun way with friends their age while the parents can go for treks, culture tours etc… and get some well deserved time off from parenting.