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We have something special for everyone!

We understand that every traveler has different requirements and wishes when on a vacation.  Some want to travel in luxury, some have limited budget and yet others would like to get something different from the standard tours.  We at Bhutan Travel Bureau have put together something for every type of client.

Luxury Getaway: We have Luxury Getaways that are mystical, indulgent and sheer bliss.  The hotels are so divine that you may not want to leave your room or its premises, the excursions can be customized to engage with local people and get a taste of the culture or can be as meditative day hikes and picnics.

Destination Event: Your destination wedding awaits you, stress free with many unforgettable moments together.  Complete with a Buddhist ceremony, wedding Kira and Gho (gown and suit Bhutanese style), special wedding cake, lunch or tea set in magical monastery, mountains, and the magic of Bhutan.  Bhutan beckons you to capture your special time with the most picturesque views and sights.  While currently we have a destination wedding on our list, we are open to suggestions for any event of your choosing.

Youth Summer Program: We offer a Summer Youth Programs for teenagers for an experience of a lifetime.  A break form the modern world to live on campus, learn about happiness, wellness and being a global citizen in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. A leading country on alternate approach to development as well as happiness.  This is also perfect to option for families when the kids and parents want to do something different during the visit.  The youth can get to know Bhutan in a fun way with friends their age while the parents can go for treks, culture tours etc…

Budget Friendly Tour Packages: Our set departure packages are perfect for those solo or duo travelers who have to pay additional surcharges levied for 1 or 2 pax (USD 40/30 per day), you can enjoy the cost savings from travelling in groups when opting for set departure tours.  There are no differences in amenities other than having to travel with new friends.  They are especially designed to offer an option to our clients with a budget constraint.  We are now in the process of adding at least one set departure trip for every month of the year.