Bhutan Festival Scheduled Tours

With so many festivals on in Bhutan throughout the year, it can be difficult to plan and decide which one to attend. To help with this we have now included a number of Bhutan festival scheduled tours for 2015 on our festivals page.

Festivals in Bhutan draw hundreds of Bhutanese people in a spirit of reverence, blessing, festivity and celebration, and is one of the best ways to discover the rich cultural heritage of Bhutan. These festivals come to life with colour, music, dance and drama as villagers and townspeople gather to witness the masked dances, sword dances, sample local cuisine, participate in traditional games and other sacred rituals.

They are also very popular with international guests visiting Bhutan, though it can be a challenge sometimes to plan a trip to Bhutan incorporating a festival. For your easy reference, we have placed a number of suggested 2015 festival tour samples on our festival page. These include a range of different types of tours across a wide range of districts. If you do not see a tour included a festival that you would like to attend in 2015, please contact us and we can easily tailor design an itinerary to suit.

Please visit our Bhutan Festival tours page to see a selection of sample itineraries for Bhutan festival scheduled tours for 2015.